Monday, November 3, 2008


Good friends, good food; can you think of a better combination?
We had a fun Paella night and a mouthwatering barbecue.

We traveled a little around the province.
Drove through “El Trapiche”, such I nice community, I definitely want to go back and spend some time there.
We stopped for lunch at El Hotel Potrero by a beautiful lake in “El Potrero de los Funes”great service and a very nice meal.
Then continued our drive to “La Carolina” , a very small gold mining town with population 250. The end of our day trip was at “La Gruta de Inti Huasi” .

I saw old friends and I made new friends.
My stay in San Luis was wonderful; I can’t wait to go back.

For dessert after the Paella we had a cake called Pirineo, made by one of the guest, un-be-li-va-ble!! The bottom was similar to a thick brownie with nuts, cover by dulce de leche repostero, a layer of heavy whipped cream and meringue on top.

My lunch at the hotel, Veal with a reduced Marsala sauce with peach and a side of veggie mashed potatoes. Big enough for 2.

One of my friend's meal was a typical Milanesa a la Napolitana.


Maryann said...

What a wonderful blog! Everything looks delicious! :)

Buon viaggio. said...

Thank you Maryann, I love your blog as well!

Gattina said...

everything looks increditably good, and that finale 'Pirineo' did sieze the spotlight!

Buon viaggio. said...

Gattina, I'm not even into sweets, but that cake did blow my taste buds.

Ilva said...

i tagged you for a meme. if you want

veggie belly said...

I will be in argentina next month! where all did you go? the food looks fabulous!

Buon viaggio. said...

Hi Veggie Belly, Argentina is quite big and I don't know how much time you have, but I would recommend Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Mendoza (wine country), Bariloche...just to name a few.

cibercuoca said...

Milanesa napolitana, me piace gnam, gnam.