Saturday, November 1, 2008

3 Delicious Spinach Recipes

Somehow the last three posts have been about spinach.
This is the end of the series.
This recipe is from my friend Patricia, who hates to cook, but has this signature dish that is fast simple and delicious.
Try it you can’t go wrong.
Just follow these easy steps.
Spinach Nests

Put some butter in an small oven proof bowl. (Individual portions)

Enmantecar unas cazuelas. (Porciones individuales)

Add some fresh spinach.

Agregar espinaca fresca.

A touch of salt.

Un poco de sal.

An egg in the middle.

Un huevo en el medio.

Heavy cream (that was really good heavy cream)

Parmesan Cheese. (a lot)
Queso rallado. (bastante)

And into the oven until the egg is cooked.
Y al horno hasta que se cocine el huevo.
Niditos de espinaca


FOODalogue: Meandering Meals and Travels said...

Spinach is a good thing. I never get tired of it and use it alot!

Buon viaggio. said...

It's true!