Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Here in Brazil it is very common to have restaurants that sell food by the pound (kilo actually).
It is a buffet, but instead of eating “All you can eat style”, you help your self to what ever you want and then they weight your plate. Yes, ½ a pound of mashed potatoes has the same price as ½ a pound of tenderloin. I’m sure it works because they are very popular.
My favorite so far are two restaurants, one called Central and a Sushi bar called POKURO.

Central has been in business for years. The have a big and exquisite food selection, displayed in a beautiful way. Very good service and reasonable priced.
Pokuro is quite new; I think they have been open for 2 or 3 months only.
The sushi is delicious. The rolls are small, something that I love; you can just pop them in your mouth.

They have great variety and a lot of unusual combinations, such as the dessert pieces with strawberries and chocolate.
I wasn’t able to find a webpage for any of the two restaurants. If you do let me know, I would like to add the links.


Anonymous said...

I love sushi and this looks great!

Paz said...

Looks very nice on the plates. ;-)


Buon viaggio. said...

They looked better in my tommy, Paz. =)